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Ian is a GREAT inspector. Absolutely professional, efficient, thorough, communicative, and prompt. I needed an inspection before doing some major repairs and renovations to the bathroom in my rental property. Ian was able to arrange a time with my tenants to come and check out everything for me, and also continued communications with me the whole time. Although I really only needed a certain area of my house inspected, Ian went over the whole property with a fine-toothed comb and gave me incredibly detailed information about issues I didn't even know about, because I'm not on the premises, that will definitely save me money in the future. His inspection notes were integral to my getting an insurance settlement for the bathroom remodel that paid far more than I was expecting. I would highly recommend IM Home Inspections to anyone and will absolutely be returning if/when I need another inspection.
Jaime B - North Hollywood

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Thermal Imaging by IM Home Inspections!

Thermal Imaging, also called Infrared Imaging, or simply IR photography, uses a camera that detects difference in temperature to see things that may not be visible.

Thermal imaging is not x-ray vision, rather it displays differences in temperatures of the surface. Surface temperature can be affected by what is under the surface.

The greater the temperature difference, the most clear the image is. For examples if it is 95 degrees outside, but you have been running the AC set to 78 all day, a thermal image can show great detail about an exterior wall. However, with an interior wall, where both sides are the same temperature, very little, if any detail, will be present.

Not everyone with a fancy camera knows how to use it. A certified thermographer is someone who has taken the time and effort to study this complex science.
I am a Certified Level 1 Thermographer by the Infrared Training Center
Flir Camera Inspector

Thermal Imaging is useful for:

A Thermal Imaging Camera is used as part of every home inspection.*

IM Home Inspections, LLC also offers Thermal Imaging outside of a full home inspection for clients who have concerns about their existing home or building.


Thermal Image Water Heater Inspection

A normal picture, on the left, shows the top of a water heater in a dark corner. The Thermal Image, on the right, shows the heater's exhaust is leaking into the home .

Moisture Inspection

The regular picture shows a portion of a ceiling with nothing out of the orignary. The Thermal Image shows a cold spot, which a moisture meter confirmed was a leak from the AC condensation line.

Energy Inspection

The normal picture shows a regular ceiling. The Thermal Image shows a section of missing insulation.

*Use of thermal camera is limtied to inspectors discresion and results can varry depending on tempature conditions at time of the inspection. More detailed Thermal scans are availble for an additional fee.

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