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Conejo Valley Home Inspections

Conejo Valley Home Inspector

Conejo Valley Home Inspections by IM Home Inspections.

Conejo Valley home inspections are proudly provided by IM Home Inspections. If you are looking for a home inspector in Calabasas, Agoura Hills, Oak Park, Westlake Village, or Thousand Oaks areas, then you have come to the right place.

The Conejo Valley sits just a few blocks North of the IM Home Inspections office at the edge of Woodland Hills, making all areas of the Conejo area easy to access. IM Home Inspections is also an affiliate member of the Conejo, Simi, Moorpark Association of Realtors.

Calabasas Home Inspector
Calabasas Luxury Home inspected by IM Home Inspections

Differences with Home Inspections in the Conejo Valley

There are a few differences between inspecting in the Conejo Valley and the San Fernando Valley.

In the City of Los Angeles, which includes most of the San Fernando Valley, all gas meters must have a seismic shut off valve that shut off the gas service to the house in the event of an earthquake. In the Conejo Valley, seismic shut off valves are not required, although they are still recommended.

Another difference is the rule for a water heater TPR (tempature pressure relief) valve discharge pipe. The TPR valve opens in case the water heater over heats and discharges the hot water to prevent the water heater from exploding. In California, the discharge pipe is required to route the hot water to the exterior. The City of Los Angeles, however, has not changed their paperwork with this requirement and the city has been allowing the discharge pipes that terminate at the garage floor. For the individual cities in the Conejo Valley, the TPR discharge pipe requirement is in line with the State of California, in that they must go to the exterior of the building.

Agoura Hills home inspector
Agoura Hills home inspected by IM Home Inspections

Another small difference is homes in the San Fernando Valley have a mix of both raised foundations and slab foundations. In the Conjeo Valley,  there tends be a much higher percentage of slab foundation construction.

Thousand Oaks Home Inspection
Thousand Oaks home inspected by IM Home Inspections

To book your home inspection in the Conejo Valley, call 818-298-3405.