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6 Shocking Things Your Home Inspector Won’t Check

Posted Posted in Home Inspection, Home Inspector Videos, Real Estate, Roof Inspections recently posted an article entitled “6 Shocking Things Your Home Inspector Won’t Check.”  You can read the original article here. At IM Home Inspections, we found some of the article to be true, but some of it to be only myth of a bygone era. Point 1: Electrical outlets behind heavy furniture Ok, this is […]

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Is your foundation ready for El Nino?

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With the talk of an El Nino winter coming up, most Southern Californian home owners are thinking about the condition of their roof and possibility of leaks. And while this is a concern, rain is capable of doing far more damage to a home than getting through a roof. Regardless if a home’s foundation is a slab […]

Outdoor Extension Cords and Electrical Safety

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While doing home inspections in and around the San Fernando Valley, I have noticed on many occasions homeowners using extension cords outside in a manner that is a safety hazard. First off, extension cords should be to temporarily plug something in, and not as permanent wiring. If you need permanent wiring outdoors, you should have […]