Age In Place Inspections

Aging in Place Home Inspections

Age In Place Inspections are important for seniors who wish to stay in their homes as they age. Currently, there are over 46 million seniors in the US and rising. It is estimated by 2030, 1 of every 5 Americans will be over age 65.  “Aging in place” is a senior citizen’s ability to live independently in their homes for as long as possible. This is as opposed to moving to a senior home or facility designed for seniors.

What is an Age In Place Inspection

At its core, an age-in-place inspection is an inspection designed to make a home liveable for a senior with limited mobility. The Inspector will recommend corrections and adaptations to the home to improve maneuverability, accessibility, and safety for elderly occupants. This includes identifying trip hazards, fall hazards, and small improvements to make the home easier to use.

Senior couple at home
A senior couple living safely at home

Why a Home Inspector?

While many senior resource companies will offer a limited age-in-place inspection, they are very limited and designed largely to sell accessories to families of seniors.

Without a complete home inspection, many aspects of an older home can go unnoticed.

With an IM Home Inspection, we’ll also identify

  1. Is the furnace in working condition and operating safely? Many older furnaces are rusting, and present fire hazards or carbon monoxide hazards. 
  2. How old is the AC? How is the roof? How old is the water heater?  The cost of replacing these items can be hazardous to a senior on a fixed budget. You will want to know this information in advance. 
  3. What is the condition of the attic and foundation? Most people never look in their attic or cralwspace. And worse, many seniors get ripped off when paying for work in the attic or cralwspace, because people know their work will never be checked. We check! 
  4. Is the electrical up to current safety standards? Electrical standards are forever changing. What was considered “ok” when you bought the home 30 or 40 years may be considered a shock or fire hazard by today’s standards. We can identify such issues. 
  5. And more: At IM Home Inspections, we check over 101 items in a home
Inspectors at an inspection
Inspector Omar in an attic

We Specialize

Certified Professional Inspector Omar Bataineh spent many years working in the Senior Healthcare field, specifically with aging-in-place clients. Not only is Omar a top home inspector, but his years of experience and intimate knowledge of what seniors need to live at home gives him a unique insight into not just what makes a home safe but specifically what makes a home safe for seniors.

Omar Bataineh
Omar Bataineh

What to Consider 

Seniors often choose to age in place because their home is where their heart is. It is where they raised their family, and the thought of selling seems like too much. Also, the cost of a senior living facility can be expensive. 

However, it is important to understand the full cost of staying in the home. How many big-ticket items in the home need to be replaced now or in the near future? What dangers are right in front of you that you don’t notice because “it’s always been that way?”. What modifications need to be done to keep the home safe as a senior age, has changes in mobility, hearing, vision, and overall health?

Omar preparing to inspect under the house
Omar preparing to inspect under a house

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