Inspecting Solar Panels

Inspecting Solar Panels

I recently attended a workshop at SRAR, the Southland Regional Association of Realtors, about Solar Power in residential real estate. It was brought up that some home inspectors will not look at solar panels.

At IM Home Inspections, I do look at solar panels on a home inspection as far as their basic installation, any signs of roof damage, general wiring, and if it appears to be working at the time of the inspection.

Home Insection of solar panels
Inspecting a roof with solar panels.

One should keep in mind, when a solar system is installed, they sized for the usage of the family currently living in the home. Your electrical use may be more or less than the system is designed for. Questions about the average or maximum output of a system should be referred to the company that installed the system.


Inspecing a solar panel.
Inspecting under a solar panel. Observing the mounting bracket and wiring.