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Mold is a biological substance. Technically, Mold spores are everywhere always!  No matter where you are, you are breathing in small traces of mold. Small trace amonts of mold are considered normal. However, an elevated level of mold can compromise the respiratory health of people with mold sensitivities or mold allergies. Mold affects different people in different ways, and not everyone will have a reaction to mold. If you are concerned about possible elevated mold in your home, we offer a mold sampling package. Our mold sampling package is to determine if the levels of mold spores inside the home are elevated when compared to outside the home. 

How it works

One of our trained and certified mold inspectors will do a visual examination of the home to look for conditions that are conducive to mold growth. For example they will look for moisture damage, moisture intrusion like plumbing/roofing/ HVAC leaks, musty odors, etc.  The complete mold inspection is performed in accordance with the Mold inspection Standards of Practice of the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants (IAC2). Then using state-of-the-art equipment, our inspectors will take air samples to compare the indoor air quality to the outdoor air quality. If there is biological growth discovered that appears mold-like, the inspector will take surface samples to determine if it is in fact mold, and what type if so.

Mold Sampling Equipment
Mold Sampling Equipment

Our inspectors will take a minimum of 3 samples. Additional samples can be taken by request for an additional fee. Our inspectors will then send the samples to an EMLab, an AIHA (American Industrial Hygiene Association) accredited laboratory for all microbial analysis. We should have the results back from the lab in 3 working days.

With a Home Inspection or Stand Alone Service

Order your mold sampling package with your home inspection for the best value. We also offer our mold sampling package as a stand alone service.

Please note, if you order a mold sampling package after the home inspection, it will beconsdered a stand alone service.

Note: IM Home Inspections is not a remediation or treatment company. IM Home Inspections has no vested interest in finding mold that would require expensive treatment. IM Home Inspections does not recieve commissions or kick backs from remediation companies. Samples are taken at the time of inspection and can not determine furture mold issues. For more information about mold, read the EPA’s website. Book your mold sampling by calling 818-298-3405