New Construction Inspection Nightmares

A common fallacy I often hear is that a brand new house does not need a home inspection. However, the truth is even brand new construction needs a home inspection. Just because a house was just built it does not necessarily mean it was built right.

Bad stucco

Just because stucco is “new” does not absolve it from issues. This stucco has already experienced extensive cracking and repairs before anyone has even moved it.

bad stucco job on new construction
Bad stucco job


Bad Bathtub

One of the craziest finds found in a brand new home was this bathtub that was installed without being level! This is not a simple oversight, but the sign of poor workmanship.

bathtub is not level
The bathtub is not level

Unfinished roof

This roof was missing shingles. I can only assume the roofer did not finish their job. Can you imagine moving into a brand new home and having a roof leak?

Missing Shingles on roof
Missing Shingles on a new roof


Leaking pipes

A common find on new construction inspections is some type of plumbing leak. Here, the drain line cleanout was leaking water after IM Home Inspections ran and drained all of the bathtubs. This not only implies the cleanout cap is not tightened, but the drain line is partially clogged, allowing water to back up and leak out.

Pipe leak
Pipe leak on new construction

Here we found an unground leak when we noticed the water meter was spinning despite the fact no water in the house was running.

If you are buying a brand new home, it is imperative you have a private home inspection.

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