Pools and Spas

Have Your Pool and Spa Inspected with IM Home Inspections!


The California sunshine is one of the many reasons we love living here in the greater Los Angeles area, and your swimming pool is one of the ways to enjoy it. The intent of a pool inspection is to evaluate the current condition of all accessible pool components.

We check over 20 items
We have an extensive checklist of items inspected on every pool to ensure proper functionality and safety. Many pools were built before safety standards were in place, and may have hidden dangers.

items we check includes:

Structure Condition
Drain Cover
Fencing & Safety Barriers
Deck area
Water Condition
Water Fill Unit
Equipment Area
Air Booster Pump
Pressure Gauge
Heater Condition
Pool Electrical & Bonding
Visible Plumbing

Los Angeles Swimming Pool Inspections

pool inspectors

We cannot inspect empty pools or spas. Inspection is limited to visible areas and does not include underwater leaks, underground pipes, underground electrical, or any area not readily accessible.

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