Termite Inspections

Termites are found throughout Los Angeles and pose a risk to all homes. While termites are found year-round, fall is a particularly active time for an infestation to occur. If you suspect you may have a termite or other pest problem, call IM Home Inspections, your one-stop shop for your inspection needs. Termite Inspections, treatments, and repairs are done by CalPro Inspections Group, Lic #8201.

When booking a home inspection, you can book a termite inspection at the same time! The termite inspector will arrive within the time frame of the general home inspection, saving you time and the need to try to coordinate multiple inspections!

Termite inspections can also be booked separately.

Call 818-298-3405 to coordinate your termite inspection.

Signs of Termites

All of the following are signs of a possible termite infestation:

  • Swarms of insects that resemble ants with wings
  • Mud tubes coming up from the ground along walls or inside cralwspaces
  • Damage or rot in wood
  • Termite Damage
    Termite Damage

Termites and other wood-destroying organisms can seriously damage wooden structures and will also eat stored food, wood furniture, and even books.  Wood-destroying organisms can hide for years before being detected. If you have any suspicion that termites may be a problem, call us to arrange a WDO (wood destroying organism) inspection. Termites will eat away at the wood structure of your home.

CalPro’s certified termite inspector will inspect your attic, crawl space, and outdoor areas of the home where termites like to congregate and assess the extent of the infestation along with the extent of the damage. Your report will include findings and estimates for remediation and repair.

Coordinate your termite inspection now by calling 818-298-3405 or online by clicking here.

Termite and wood rot repairs

CalPro offers professional repairs to structures damaged by termites, dry rot, and wood-destroying organisms. CalPro’s team of experts will complete these repairs on time and within budget.

Termite damage in a home
Termite damage in a home

All pest inspections and repairs performed by CalPro Inspection Group, STRUCTURAL PEST CONTROL BOARD lic# 8201

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