Why You Need To Hire A Real Company For Your Home Inspection.

Why You Need To Hire A Real Company For Your Home Inspection

Recently our office got a frantic phone call from a Real Estate agent. The home inspector the client had hired didn’t show up. But it turns out they didn’t hire a real company. The client had hired a “cheaper” person calling themselves a home inspector and ended up with a no-show inspector.

A few weeks prior, we got a call from someone who had just had their home inspection. They had hired someone “cheaper”, and quickly regretted it. They claimed the inspector was only on-site for 45 minutes, didn’t look at the roof, and made only vague comments about the house being too old to do a sewer inspection.

Frequently we get calls from home buyers who say they had a home inspection from someone “cheaper” but that inspector didn’t look a the roof, or properly test the HVAC or some such, and want us to come to look at that one aspect.

All of these could have been avoided if they had hired a real company like IM Home Inspections.

We Always Show Up

A benefit of IM Home Inspections is, as a real company,  we have a team of inspectors. If one inspector is not available, we can send someone else just as qualified. If an inspector calls in sick, we can re-route another inspector. When an inspector is on vacation, we have someone else to cover for them. Most individual home inspectors can not accommodate life happening. In fact, many other home inspectors call us when they are on vacation to cover for them because they know we can handle their business.

Inspector Juan on a roof
Inspector Juan on a roof

Every inspector is backed by the team

All our inspectors use an app to keep in constant contact with the team. If an individual inspector sees something on site they are unsure of or want a second opinion, they can immediately send a photo to the team and get real-time answers from the rest of the team. Our inspectors have the full knowledge of the entire team at their fingertips at all times.

Quality Control

One thing that drives us crazy about other muti-inspector firms is the lack of quality control. One inspector may be great, and one inspector may be terrible, but you have no way of knowing who is going to show up. This is because most of the other firms provide little to no training. At IM Home Inspections we have strict quality control.  All our inspectors, even if they have previous experience, go through a training program. Even after training, inspection reports are reviewed by a senior inspector until we feel confident they can do a report at the top level. To further ensure quality, even our top inspectors have their reports spot-checked to maintain only the highest level of quality.

Matt on a Commercial Inspection
Matt on a Commercial Inspection

Workmans Comp Insurance

Most single-man inspectors do not carry Workmans Comp insurance. If an inspector is injured on the job site, it becomes questionable at best who is liable, and it can result in a lot of finger pointing. At IM Home Inspections, as a real company, we carry full Workmans Comp Insurance, as well as E&O and General Liability Insurance. If you are hiring a “cheap” inspector, they are only cheap because they’re not paying for insurance, and hence, you are taking on significant liability by hiring them.

Dedicated Office Staff

One frequent problem with independent inspectors is their phone. They either have to interrupt their inspection to take phone calls or ignore their phone ringing. It can be frustrating as a home buyer to see your inspector constantly interrupted. It can be even more frustrating when you can’t reach the inspector later on for follow-up questions. At IM Home Inspections we have a dedicated office staff to answer the phones. They are dedicated employees, not a call center. Our Client Care Coordinators can not only book your inspection, but they can go through the report with you and answer most questions you may have. If there is truly something only the inspector can answer, they can schedule a phone call when the inspector is done with other clients or have a senior inspector review your file.

Dedicated Phone staff
Michelle, Ann, and Jenny

Agents Get Referral Protection

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors is so confident in IM Home Inspections, that they will indemnify any licensed real estate agent in an amount of up to $10,000 if a third party successfully sues the agent for negligent referral of an IM Home Inspections’ inspector. Read more here: Referral-protection 

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