Yes We Inspect Palmdale and Lancaster!

Map of Palmdale and Lancaster

A question we often get is do you inspect Palmdale and Lancaster? The answer is yes, yes we do!

Palmdale and Lancaster sit in the Antelope Valley, at the Northern edge of Los Angeles county. They are separate cities, however, they are often used in connection with each other due to their close proximity to each other, while being approximately 40 miles away from the northern edge of the City of Los Angeles.

Palmdale and Lancaster both are in the high desert area of Los Angeles County. This area is the western tip of the Mojave Desert. With a desert climate comes more extreme weather than the rest of Los Angeles. Summers tend to be very hot, while winters can be very cool.

These two cities are popular places to live due to the overall lower cost of living compared to the rest of Los Angeles county.


The city of Palmdale was incorporated in 1962. It sits just South of Lancaster.

A big attraction in Palmdale is the Joe Davies Heritage Park, where 21 retired military aircraft are on display. The city of Palmdale has a long and rich history of being tied to the aviation industry. The city also hosts the Antelope Valley Mall, which is approximately 1 million square feet of shopping and dining. If there is a restaurant chain you think of with California locations, there is likely one in or nearby the mall.

A house in Palmdale, CA
A house in Palmdale, CA


Lancaster sits just to the north of Palmdale. The city is often misspelled as Landcaster, but in fact, there is no “d” in the official name. Lancaster, due to being approximately 36 miles from Edwards Air Force Base, is closely tied to defense contractors, and other government agencies. Examples include the NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center.

The City of Lancaster is known for its commitment to health and the environment. With lots of sunshine, Lancaster is a leading city in the use of solar power.

Lancaster is also popular for this seasonal poppy display. Between March and May, the surrounding areas burst into color with native poppy flowers.

A home in Lancaster, CA
A home in Lancaster, CA

Inspecting Palmdale and Lancaster

As home inspectors, these areas are largely divided into one of two camps. The older homes were built in the 1960/70/the 80s and the newer track homes were built in the last 20-25 years.

Because this region has always had a lower cost of living, the older homes tend to be built with older less expensive building materials than their Los Angles counterparts of the same era.

For example, older galvanized steel plumbing was largely done away with in Los Angeles in the mid-1960s and is rarely found in homes built later on. However, in Palmdale and Lancaster, we often see galvanized plumbing in homes built as late as the early 1980s. While most homes in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angels have air conditioning, many of these older homes were initially built without air conditioning and use evaporative coolers (aka swamp coolers).

In contrast, the homes built in the last 20-25 years tend to resemble the tract home found in Santa Clarita. Though some of the finishing touches may be still less expensive than their Santa Clarita counterparts. For these reasons, it is important to get the highest quality home inspection you can so you can fully understand your home purchase

A home in Palmdale, CA
A home in Palmdale, CA

When you need the best inspection

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