Roof Inspections

At IM Home Inspections, we know the #1 question most clients have is: How is the roof?

Across much of the San Fernando Valley, we have a lot of one-story shingle roofs, making it easy to get on a ladder and walk on the roof.

Inspector Juan on a roof
Inspector Juan on a roof

Concrete tile, ceramic tile, and metal roofs should not be walked or else you risk damaging the roofing materials. This can be a challenge to most inspectors when faced with a 2nd story tile roof. There was a time when most inspectors simply looked at the roof from the ground and did their best to see what they saw.

We Get A Bird’s Eye View

Roof Cam Finds Cracks

But at IM Home Inspections, we use technology to get a birds-eye view of tile, metal, and high roofs. All of our inspectors are equipped with a high-resolution camera that can reach approximately 25 feet in the air to get the best view of your roof. Issues that are not obvious from the ground can become very obvious when looking at an HD photo taken high up in the air.

We find this method is better than a drone as drones tend to annoy the neighbors, are difficult to operate in high winds or rain, and can not be used near airports (and the Los Angeles area has numerous small airports in addition to the major ones).  A drone also distracts the inspector from focusing on the roof, as they have to pay attention to where the drone is at all times. And while a photo of the house from 400 feet in the air looks cool, said photo is from too far away to have any value. Our cameras work in winds, and rain, near airports, do not annoy the neighbors, and get the views of the roof that count!

Roof Camera View

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