6 Shocking Things Your Home Inspector Won’t Check

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Realtor.com recently posted an article entitled “6 Shocking Things Your Home Inspector Won’t Check.”  You can read the original article here.

At IM Home Inspections, we found some of the article to be true, but some of it to be only myth of a bygone era.

Point 1: Electrical outlets behind heavy furniture

Ok, this is one the author got quite right. Inspectors can not move furniture. The standards and practice and our insurance prohibits moving furniture. There is the liability of the furniture or floor becoming damaged. There is also the liability of injury that could come from moving something heavy. Score 1 for the author.

Point 2: The Roof

The author claims inspectors will not inspect roofs that are too steep, or when it rains. There was a time in past when this was true, and perhaps for some inspectors out there it may still be.

At IM Home Inspections, rain never stops a roof inspection. Neither do steep slopes or fragile tile. As seen in this video:

Point 3: Fireplace and chimney

Close. The intent of the author is correct, but the terminology is off. During an IM Home Inspection, the home inspector is doing the basic level 1 check.  That is, the inspector will examine the readily accessible  portions of the fire place and chimney and look for the basic soundness and functionality of the chimney structure, installation and connections. The author is correct in that a home buyer is recommended to get a Level II inspection, which can only be performed by someone with highly specialized training and certification that goes well beyond a home inspection. For the author, a good swing, but just misses the mark.

Point 4: Ground beneath your home

We will just say the author is spot on. Score 2 for the author.

Point 5: Swimming pool

The author claims inspectors will turn on pool pumps or heaters, but not do much else. Where I give the author credit is pool training for home inspectors is woefully inadequate. There are very few resources for the average inspector to learn about pools. Even the pool inspection certification class covers only a tiny piece of pool safety. And I know of many home inspectors who do not do pool inspections for this reason. So this claim is based on a level of truth, But at IM Home Inspections, Certified Master Inspector Ian Mayer takes pool inspections much more seriously. Ian has interviewed numerous pool contractors, constantly seeks out additional training and has 10 years of experience as a pool owner on top of the basic certification. An IM Home Inspections pool inspection is more complete than a average home inspectors pool inspection. Although an inspection is still limited to what is visible, and does not cover underground leaks.

So while the author’s intend was based on some truths, and may be true for some inspectors, it does not apply to all inspectors.

Swimming Pool Inspection
Pool Inspections by IM Home Inspections

Point 6: Well and septic

Here the author scores. Wells are very rare in the Los Angeles area, and septic tanks are few and far between. Septic tank inspections can not be considered complete without draining the tank, so it is best to leave septic inspections to a septic company that can drain the tank and use specialist equipment to evaluate the septic system.

So out of 6 points, the author got 3 right, and 3 were not quite right, at least as it applies to IM Home Inspections.

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