Craziest finds of 2022

The craziest finds of 2022

At IM Home Inspections, we often have crazy finds. Here are some of the craziest finds of 2022!

Creepy Doll in Crawlspace

Why did someone put this here? It couldn’t be a mistake The only question is, is it a load-bearing baby?

creepy doll in a crawlspace
Is it a load-bearing baby?

I Always Feel Like Someone is Watching Me

Sometimes our inspectors are not alone when inspecting the crawlspace!

Racoon in a crawlspace
Racoon in a crawlspace
Racoon in a crawlspace 2
Eyes are watching!

This Is Not How To Hold Up a House

We really do not recommend you try DYI repairs to the structural supports under a home.

bad support under a home
This is not how you hold up a house.

Shocking Fire Hazard

A breaker panel should have breakers in it. Someone connected the house wires directly to the bus bar. Look closely and you will see the wires are scorched. It’s a wonder the house didn’t burn down, and that whoever did this didn’t electrocute themselves!

An electric panel with no breakers
This panel has no breakers!

New Shower Not Right

Just because it’s a brand-new house does not mean it’s done right. This shower door is just not even close to being installed correctly.

Shower door improperly installed
This won’t keep in the water!

Pool With A View of a Pool

A flat roof should be designed so that water can not accumulate and will dissipate within 24 hours of rain. This roof was holding enough water to make it seem like they had a 2nd swimming pool!

Water accumulating on a roof
A pool with a view of a real pool!

A Dryer With No Air

When we arrived, we were at first wondering why this brand-new dryer had been red-tagged by the gas company. But then we quickly realized the problem. The laundry room was receiving no airflow. Usually, there is a vent above the door or in the door itself to allow air to flow in. A gas dryer requires combustion oxygen to work, and without airflow, the dryer would burn through all the oxygen in the room and potentially suffocate anyone in the room.

 A dryer in a room with no vent
The lack of airflow makes this dryer dangerous!

Hoarder House of Horrors

The best way to inspect a house is to inspect it when the house is empty. However, sometimes that can not happen. Luckily our team was prepared for the extreme circumstances.

hoarder house
Hoarder house of horror!
Inspectors in PPE equipment
Omar and Juan preparing to inspect the hoarder home!

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