October Spooky Finds

October Spooky Finds

Welcome to October Spooky finds, where we review some of the best and scariest photos our inspectors found in October.

Pool Tripping Hazard

In this swimming pool, our Inspector noticed the pool skimmer has been bypassed by someone connecting a pipe directly from the pool to the pool pump. The first problem is the skimmer now is no longer attached. Without the skimmer, the pool can not self-clean the surface of the pool. Leaves and debris on the surface are no longer getting sucked into the skimmer. The other hazard is the pipe is now a tripping hazard. Kids can easily trip when they’re running around and playing. And parents, look out if you’ve had a few summer drinks!

Pool trip hazard

A shock hazard under the sink

Our Inspector noticed this two-for-one problem! First off, the sink pipe is open and only an old paper towel is in place to prevent water from spilling out under the sink. And worse, just below are unsecured electrical wires. Water and electricity don’t mix! Using this sink could be an electrifying experience!

Shock Hazard Sink

Furnace of Death

Gas furnaces create deadly fumes, including carbon monoxide. Flue pipes are supposed to carry these fumes up above the roofline of the house. In this case, our Inspector found the flue pipe ending right there in the house,  discharging deadly fumes into the house! How no one died in the house is the real mystery!

Furnace of death

Underworld Sewer Cracks

Hidden below the depths of the driveways and sidewalks lay the sewer pipes. Only a special camera can see down, and IM Home Inspections has just such a camera for this additional service. Here we found the scariest thing one can find in a sewer. No, not a ghost, but a significant crack in the pipe! This is a serious problem!

Cracked sewer pipe

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