Thankful Findings

Thankful finds

November is known for the Thanksgiving Holiday and a time to be thankful. This month we look at some key finds that our clients are thankful we found before they bought their house!

Vent Roller Coaster

Kitchen vents, when present, should be smooth wall pipe to prevent grease and food particles from catching on the corrugated pipe. Not only is this pipe not a smooth wall, but it also goes up and down like a roller coaster. This means all the grease will build up at the bottom of the tube Not only is this a fire hazard, but the weight of the buildup will eventually pull the tube off, which will create a huge mess when all that grease spills out! That would ruin a thanksgiving dinner quickly!

Vent Roller Coaster
Found by Inspector Yossi Gordon

Where the Rain Comes in

A roof rarely wears out evenly. Here we see the area of the roof where the electrical service mast passes through the roofing material. Not only is the roof covering worn, but the wood underneath is exposed. So not only will rain get in, but the exposed wood will start to deteriorate, leading to additional problems over time.

hole in the roof
Found by inspector Matt Sterkel
close up of hole in the roof
A close up of the above photo

Rodents in the Sewer Line

Artur and Guillermo were doing a home inspection with a sewer inspection, and this little guy was found in the sewer pipe. Not only was this rodent not scared of the sewer camera, but he was very curious about the camera lights and wanted a close up look! Yikes! No one invited him into the home for dinner!

Rodent on the Sewer Cam
Rodent on the Sewer Cam

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