September 2020 Funny Finds

September Funny Finds

Hello Reader and welcome to the September edition of “Funny Finds.” In this month’s blog we have some really awesome finds for you to both read about and see with your very eyes. Without further delay, lets jump into the funny finds!

Perplexing Plumbing

Sometimes you really have to wonder what is going through people’s heads when they make the choices like the one seen above. The white flexible pipe is clearly being twisted to make an unnatural bend. This bend could prevent water flow or even an over-pressurization condition leading to a burst. Flexible drain lines also don’t meet the California plumbing code. Safety is always first…..except if you were this plumber.

The Asbestos Algorithm 

Well, what we have here is someone who decided it was a good idea to send their water heater flue pipe into an abandoned flue pipe that is possible asbestos material. The problem is, they drilled them together and possibly disrupted the asbestos. This is a safety hazard!!

Heavy Fireplace Lifting!

Fireplace weights
Found by Inspector Matt Sterkel

In Southern California, it’s common for people to not use their fireplace, and we often find creative uses of the fireplace space. This fireplace was decorated with weight lifting barbells! Just don’t light a fire in here and expect it warm the house!