Some of the Craziest Inspector Finds!

Some of the craziest inspector finds

A top question we get asked is “what are some of the craziest things you’ve found?” Here are a few of some of the craziest inspector finds from the last few months.

The Case Of The Missing Furnace

Inspector Tim McMurry showed up to a recent inspection only to find the previous tenant had taken the furnace out of the attic!

Stolen furnace
The furnace in the attic is missing

Creative Laundry

Some of the Craziest Inspector Finds are ways people install items. We have to give credit to this homeowner for their creative installation of the laundry in a bathroom. Though it makes using the bathroom impractical.  This also throws back to an early blog about how not using a shower can lead to odd smells.

Laundry in the bathroom
Creative laundry installation in the bathroom


Deadly Lunch

A creative way to add more pace is to turn the roof into an outdoor patio, complete with a table and chairs. But what this homeowner didn’t realize is they made their space right next to the furnace and water heater exhaust pipes. This means if they use their table, they will be breathing in deadly carbon monoxide fumes. Lunch out here could be the last lunch that person ever eats!

dealy lunch
Furnace and water heater flue pipes

Pizza Box Exhaust Pipe

Why use a proper exhaust pipe when you have a pizza box? As long as you don’t mind the mind this is an extreme fire hazard. This vent over a stove should be smooth metal to prevent grease build-up and should only be installed with proper fire-rated foil tape. While we want to give credit for ingenuity, it’s more amazing the house hasn’t burned down yet!

pizza box vent
A pizza box in place of a proper vent pipe


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