Top 5 Mistakes Buyers Make when Choosing a Home Inspector

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Assuming all inspectors are the same

Home inspectors come in a wide variety. They have different experiences and different reporting styles. Some inspectors may be part-time, others full time. Some inspectors may be new to the business, while others may have a ton of experience but also stuck in the past. The best judge of an inspectors ability is to view their sample report. See my previous article 4 Things You Must See in an Inspection Report.  

Also look up at an inspectors website and online reviews to get a better feel if you are hiring the right person.

Not choosing a professional

I hear stories about the buyer who decided not to pay for an inspection because their uncle knows a few things about construction, or their friend’s cousin is a contractor who will stop by for a few minutes. Or their current neighbor occasionally does home inspections on the side. The issue is someone who doesn’t do home inspections full time may not be prepared to look at everything an inspector looks at. Simply waving around a flashlight, checking some light switches and flushing the toilets is not a home inspection. Also, your uncle may be well-meaning, but if he’s not a professional inspector, we won’t be able to produce an inspection report. If you want the seller to repair or credit you based on a finding, you’ll often need a report to show it’s an issue. If you get a home warranty and make a claim, later on, the warranty company will likely want to see the inspection report to show the item was not in need of repair before you bought the house. Your homeowner’s insurance provider will often ask questions that can be answered by reading your report.

Choosing based on price

It seems to be a common human condition to automatically ask “how much is the inspection” or think one should shop around for the best price. But as stated, inspectors come in a wide variety. Inspectors also have a wide variety of expenses, such as insurance, association dues, tools, and ongoing training. A cheap inspector is likely only cheap because they don’t have much experience, they don’t bother to have insurance, don’t have cutting-edge tools such as moisture meters, or likely do not pay for continuing education. Your home is your biggest investment, and it pays to not go cheap.

Quality Home Inspector
IM Home Inspections is a full time dedicated inspector

Choosing only on availability

I’m often surprised when I get a call and the only criteria are they need an inspection on a certain day at a certain time, while completely ignoring if the inspector is right for them. I realize inspection contingencies are often short, and there is a limited time frame to do the inspection. But it makes no sense to ignore the quality inspector simply because you cannot be even slightly flexible with the time.

Choosing based on warranties or other incentives

Some home inspectors offer enticing offers like 90-day warranties or guards against mold, or deals on alarms systems. And while the offers sound nice in theory, they actually have nothing to do with performing the home inspection itself. Read the fine print, and you find the coverage can be limited. Also, you may be required to allow the inspector to give your phone number and email address to a 3rd party to qualify. None of which will make your inspection better.

IM Home Inspections does not share client’s email address and does not collect client’s phone numbers.

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